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REFF AR Youth Program


REFF AR Youth Program is a special program of Education & Learning enacted by REFF to ensure the immediate distribution of its Augmented Rreality Drug to young generations.

The Program consists in a series of theoretical and practical workshops exploring the possibilities offered by fake, remix, recontextualization, plagiarism and reenactment as a tool for methodological reinvention of reality. During the workshops open source platforms as MACME and Bluetooth War are introduced to participants and installed on their machines.

REFF AR Youth Program was lunched in London as a part of the exhibit "Remix the World! Reinvent reality!" (Fourtherfield Gallery, 25th Feb - 26th Mar 2011). The agenda of the Fake Institution inspired approval and enthusiasm in the academic world. In the two weeks prior to the exhibition six different universities in London ware more than happy to guest REFF workshops and presentations. And more: the Program arrived directly to students movements, faithing against cuts in culture.

Below a complete documentation:

Southbank University: Fri 11th Feb 2011

Goldsmiths: Tue 15th Feb 2011

Writtle College: Mon 21st Feb 2011

University of Westminster: Tue 22nd Feb 2011

Really Free School: Sun 27th Feb 2011

Curtauld Institute: Wed 2nd March 2011

Queen Mary University: Fry 4th March



From the information sheet:

“REFF is an Augmented Reality (AR) Drug. Also referred to as Simulata Realitas per Activam-Industriosam-Laboriosam Multiplicationem, REFF AR Drug is a psychotropic antidepressant administered cross-medially.This drug is used to treat social depression, fear of the future, precariety, anthropological distress, lack of opportunities, communicational totalitarianism, scarcity of freedoms and intolerant social ecosystems.Compared to other drugs acting on the same areas, REFF AR Drug is designed with accessibility in mind and as an enabler of the spontaneous generation of forms of expression and of collaborative practices.

REFF AR Drug is also used (off-label) to treat numerous other conditions such as the UFPS (Uncertainty for the Future of Publishing Syndrome), and the LDSBMS (Lack of Decent Sustainable Business Models Syndrome).”

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MACME (Multi Author Medial Cross Ecosystem), is an open source platform that transforms a WordPress blog into a system of cross-media publishing. MACME has been issued as a giant WordPress plugin, distributed through GPL3 license. Thanks to MACME, anyone can produce their own cross-media publication and distribute it individually in augmented reality as a website, e-book, mobile phone application (for iPhone, iPad and coming soon for Android).

Learn more here:


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