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It is true that compared to the automotive market (as well as their needs and political games involved about these needs, such as paved roads, both for movement within a city and also for movement between cities and states), the cycling market, of bicycles, is much less profitable. There are no "sheikhs" of bikes in the international market. When I refer to "sheiks," I mean people with enormous power to influence political, economic and environmental consequences arising from this devastating power. One example is the true "Sheikh" the world oil cartel.

Is also the fact that the bike does not polluted (because his "human fuel", so to speak, does not emit into the atmosphere than burning petroleum-based fuels emit - carbon monoxide - as well as heavy metals, in the case of diesel ). Also, very difficult slowing traffic (I think - someone urgently let me know if I'm wrong - that never has occurred in a traffic jam of bikes on the size of the daily traffic jams, for example, the city of São Paulo, and that if occur one day, will be much easier to solve it than a car congestion). Bikes are MUCH faster than the cars of a metropolis or megalopolis, IN FRONT OF THAT OCCUR daily traffic jams at rush hour (like the time that people go to their service, early morning, or return it). BIKES ALSO HELP PROVIDE BETTER HEALTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL its users (and their users to make a good workout, also have better cardiovascular, pulmonary and psychological, as some hormones related to sense of well-being are released during exercise). Among many other advantages ...

However, for a good portion of people who make the bikes a legitimate and preferred means of transport arise several difficulties, both with regard to the posture of drivers of motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, etc.) and, and not least, the lack of adequate road infrastructure to the movements of cyclists (and, therefore, do not encourage the habit of using the bicycle as a legitimate means of transportation for most people).

Just as there are reckless drivers and riders certainly exhist also cyclists - and even pedestrians - inconsequential. However, both drivers and pedestrians usually have the appropriate channels to their displacement, correctly flagged within the rules of the road, built by the public, the riders, most of the time, do not. So despite the cyclists know the traffic rules and conditions imposed upon them, they do not have adequate road structure to the means of transport by which they have chosen.

Large and immediate financial returns to politics or politicians, certainly the bike and your market does not provide or will provide. However, it is well to remember that no immediate returns, as well as public and environmental returns, should be part of the calculation of "cost-effective" governments, to consider the possibility of implementing bike lanes in the territories through which respond politically. Because the bikes don't emit any polluting gases, cities have better air quality, less heat, due to greenhouse gases and lower rates of respiratory disease in its residents. Moreover, with the construction of bicycle paths and consequent improvements and encouraging the use of bicycles as a legitimate means of transportation for daily shifts, many avenues for the transit of motor vehicles would be uncongested, many people - both cyclists and motorists as well as users systems of public transport - arrive at their destinations more quickly, and, of course, not least, the economy that many people would do in relation to financial resources for the first oil (fuel for cars) and remedies (as a result of a more sedentary lifestyle without exercise). In short, in the current context, as appropriate to the implementation of bike lanes (see the various reasons outlined here - and others who may even still be thought), only politics or politicians that don't wanted to prioritize public health, the well-being, harmony and environmental sustainability, not be complacent with such a noble, ethical and politically correct causes. Think everyone - rulers and ruled, leaders and led, legislators and citizens - in this!


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