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Stop the killing of dogs and cats for the European Football Championship



"Why This Is Important

Dear President Viktor Yanukovych, dear Uefa President Michel Platini, dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

with deep sadness and horror I read about the planned and already started killing of dogs and cats in preparation for the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 in the Ukraine. Hundreds of dogs and cats are put in bags ALIVE to be carried to a crematorium to suffer until their death in Lysychansk or other places. I really have to ask you, how you can accept this? And I´m sure this act of cruelty is well known to the relevant departments. Football brings people of all nations together to enjoy this sport where fairness play an important role. I don´t think that what happens right now is fair. Not to mention the lot of football fans who have dogs and cats as their faithful companions. It is important to realize that it isn´t a solution to kill stray animals because the responsibility for this situation are their former owners and the government lacking appropriate solutions like sterilization, animal shelters and so on. A change has to come and I beg you to do your best in stopping this insane act of animal cruelty, especially for the preparations of a GAME. Please don´t let this happen anymore and urge the government and responsible person to find other solutions like finding good people willing to adopt a dog/cat or making/asking for a donation so that these dogs and cats could be treated(sterilization) or that they are given shelter. Just find some human way to end this! I met many people from the Ukraine and all of them were wonderful people. Your country has so many good things to offer and it would be a positive sign for the whole world if you end this slaughter. Please let your heart decide for the good and make this world a little better for everyone. We are ALL gods creation and we should act like that.

With respect,



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11 years, 6 months ago

Why do they do this?

11 years, 6 months ago

Hi, Noemi,
Please, where can we read more about this cruelty?

11 years, 6 months ago

Dear Mila,

I do not know much about this.
But i think the local government do this because it is the cheapest and fastest "solution" to dog problems. Perhaps homeless dogs are not the best tourist attractions during the European Football Championship 2012...

But i think it is important not to forget something: Why these dogs are on the streets
Because of irresponsible people. I have to say that the first cruelty is throwing a dog away.

for example here:

11 years, 6 months ago

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