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Vote GDP


OK, I was against this idea.
- What idea?
- The idea to post a self-promotional text on Memefest
But my dear friend Oliver Vodeb says:
- The work is really great, important and has radical effects. The project is 100% in line with memefest...
-100%? OK, let's try... and we'll see

People, people, I have worked on a webdocumentary project in 2010 called the GDP project. 'Cause you see, that's what I do in life. Work on new-reportage-kinda-projects. Now, the GDP Project was nominated for a Webby Award. That's in Documentary:series section. And guess what. We were trailing at 6% of the vote this very morning, April 13. After 3 hours and my little personal networking, we received substantial amounts of votes and we're at 12%, ready to pass our competitors.

The GDP Project deals with the economic crisis. Wow! Sexy! No, not sexy, I reckon. But dawn nice. :) It deals with the recession upfront. It takes it as is, from the human side. During one full year in Canada's recession, we followed the life of 17 Canadians from different sectors and social classes. The result is a stunning megadocumentary in which you'll get to the core of how people survive economic hardship.

Not convinced? Click here, watch the trailer and please, please, please, vote for GDP. http://webby.aol.com/category_groups/online-film-and-video/categories/documentary-series

Every vote really does count. Let's see if this fits Memefest 100%. Go!


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10 years, 2 months ago

nice tip, frederic. ;) voted!


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