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Memefest at CulturaDigital.Br


Dear Memefest comrades,

We're going to have a Digital Culture festival here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in December. And we applied for the open call for projects. We want to heat up the discussion towards socially responsive communication ...

Demystifying the myth of HEROISM OF RECYCLING


Currently, or rather, there are about two decades, we have heard - and seen - increasingly, companies, industries and economic sectors of society to speak on "environmental responsibility" (beyond "social responsibility", which is not focus of this article). With the advent of ...

PET $HOP$: When the affection is objectified as profit ($).($)


Pets generally very pleasing to humans. It is very common that people like to stroke his hair, scratching their heads, get them on your lap, play with them and even live together more closely, even to the point accommodates them ...



During all the years of my work in advertising I always had very ambivalent feelings about it. Part of me loved it for endless possibilities of creative opportunities while bigger part of me hated it for having to act against ...

The Will


Presentation of my new artwork "The Will" in collaboration with Arwa Ramadan in the frame of Interface Cultures exhibition "Unuselessness - The Useful Useless" presented during Ars Electronica festival (1.-6.9.2011 Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria)

On the floor there is ...

Design that can impact a society’s stigma on housing


The housing titanic – The big ship in communicating to influence the public stigma of affordable housing.

Australia has an ingrained belief that owning a home is essential to their wellbeing, stability and being a responsibility citizen in our society. This ...

Ur.l.o. - Urbino Laptop Orchestra


I'm proud to announce the brand new laptop orchestra born in Urbino.



Open blog is a collective blog agregator.  Posts that can be read and viewed here have been originally posted by members of the Memefest community.

While members of the community  are able to check blog posts from the circle of their comrades within the on-line profile, this is the place where you are able to check on everything that has been bloged by anyone on this platform. The toppics and styles are diverse as this community consists of people from very different cultural, social backgrounds and also very different fields of expertice. Together- and through time- we hope – this gives us a good picture of radical communication culture.