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A Tribute to Defectiveness


I'm networking so much lately that my emotional brain is growing
disproportionately, taking over the spoken language neurotic (sic) areas.

I went to the kitchen today, where my housemate P. was making a peanut butter/cucumber sandwich.
'Food!', I ...

Mergulho nas ideias


Vou tentar condensar pela primeira vez tudo o que tem acontecido por aqui em poucas palavras. Fato: Memefest Brasil encontra Memefest internacional. Participantes, curadores e organizadores, todos juntos por algo em torno de 10 dias num festival em Nijmegen, Holanda ...

International Press Agency @Oddstream festival or Creative Model “6xC”



On the 28th of May 2k11 we have started gathering at Vasim (http://www.devasim.nl/), Nijmegen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nijmegen). Next two days we were trained for group working. Jumping ropes, playing kind of human minesweeper ...

"Españistán" de Aleix Saló


Esta es la historia de un cani (o un choni, o un poligonero, ya saben…) que, en su empeño por deshacerse de la hipoteca, deberá recorrer el Reino de Españistán para enfretarse con todos y cada uno de los malandrines ...

What we got up to last week



Socially Responsive Communication at Memefest: Comments for a Comprehensive Theory


The week at Memefest Festival of Radical Communications on mapping socially responsive communications as provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on what it means to make communications that address societal problems. Oliver Vodeb described seven characteristics of socially responsive communications ...

The Issue of the 100% Male Conference Panel


I was one who asked the male panel at Memefest's Festival of Radical Communications 'Inspiration day' why there were no women presenters. I think it's worth unpacking this topic a little with the intention of helping Memefest develop ...


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