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El futuro del arte


Un interesante video donde varios artistas opinan sobre las posibilidades del arte en el futuro. Las increíbles posibilidades del mundo digital, de internet, el intercambio de nuevas sensibilidades a partir de esos seres nómadas e itinerantes en que se han ...

CMI OpenWeb


---CMI OpenWeb===Helping to pioneer an open Internet from the PA I-99 Innovation Corridor =====++++===---->>--- http://www.otoole.info/

Tired, but really, really, really inspired.


ODD is a breaking point.
@oddstream => http://www.facebook.com/oddstream
#oddstream => twitter: @odd_stream

#oddnews => http://www.oddstream.org/odd-news-2/?lang=en
=> http://www.youtube.com/user/oddstreamfestival
=> http://vimeo.com/24556270


it's not allowed to tick ...

Why Interactive Documentary Matters


NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands - There are about 25 young editors, reporters, photographers, translators and videographers at the international media training of Oddstream. So I abused of my role of a mentor to brainwash them with my interactive documentary venom.

It's ...

Inspiration Day puts the odd in the Oddstream


NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands - The Oddstream Festival is about multimedia and communication. At least, that's the short version. Once you zoom in, you start seeing music bands rushing onto the festival site. Many bands. Like 100. You also see multimedia ...

Oddstream, the first few days


A personal reflection and some photos of the first few days of Oddstream. Much more soon...




This workshop is designed for people who are interested in how photo, film, animation, data-journalism and hypertext can be weaved together to tell powerful stories on the internet. Webdocumentary
is about nonlinear storytelling, about a new type of narrative that ...


Open blog is a collective blog agregator.  Posts that can be read and viewed here have been originally posted by members of the Memefest community.

While members of the community  are able to check blog posts from the circle of their comrades within the on-line profile, this is the place where you are able to check on everything that has been bloged by anyone on this platform. The toppics and styles are diverse as this community consists of people from very different cultural, social backgrounds and also very different fields of expertice. Together- and through time- we hope – this gives us a good picture of radical communication culture.