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Exhibition of Alana Hunt, Memefest co-curator and Ingrid Dernée


In case some of you are in Sydney I very warmly recommend this show!
Alana Hunt is one of Memefest's co-curators and her work is very impressive and inspirational. It shows that bringing change to unacceptable circumstances is deeply ...



I came along a realy great project - a set of deck playing cards made with the help of 28 illustrator all over the world.

They visualised Wall Street executives and politicians who were (and still are) the master of (financial ...

The Crisis of Civilization in a movie


source: https://diasp.org/posts/1308802

Like the book on which it is based, the film consists of seven parts which explore the interconnected dynamic of global crises of #Climate-Catastrophe; #Peak-Energy; #Peak-Food; #Economic-Instability; International #Terrorism; and the #Militarization Tendency -- with ...

Call for Submissions



Libro: La economía no existe



Antonio Baños Boncompain es el autor de este texto qe según dice:

"es un libelo en el noble sentido de la palabra: una máquina propagandística que nace de la rabia y que ...

Historical background of debts


Debts are an agreement between old and young generations.

In Debt we trust


in god we trust, the rest pay cash

source: https://diasp.org/posts/1278215

Money rulez


one more picture debt related

meme source: https://diasp.org/posts/1267415



(sorry, I don't know the original source; anyway i think this is an interesting image of an action that is "debt" related...)

via: https://diasp.org/posts/1265826

#protest #art #dollar #finance #money #politics #banksters #fail

Eduardo Galeano - Los Hijos de los Dias


► http://vimeo.com/45164852

Entrevista a Eduardo Galeano en la que nos habla de la lucha necesaria en momentos en los que el mundo se tambalea frente a los ataques de los mercados neoliberales. Galeano nos confiesa su admiración por ...


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