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what about now?

Should we be asking ourselves if the natural and political events have a certain pattern? I think not.
There is no way, nature and politics work as a team - no way! But we could exclude the team work and talk about individual projects, one natural and other political.
The problem with the natural project is that we have no word or way to influence it. It is already planned in advance due to some inside/outside action-reaction phenomena. We are, though, included from the very beginning, but we do not know this until the project is running. Unfortunately, natural projects seem to be interesting and attract our attention only when they are tragical or catastrophically enormous. If it is just a plantation trying its best to survive within the worst possible contaminated air, we have no concerrn. It is too dull. Nature has its own project. We may know or calculate some patterns, but it is always nature who has the upper hand.
Political projects are quite familiar to all of us: they go from taking small amounts of money from already poor people, to destroy a country in order to gain more power over a thing. We are very well informed about what is going on in the world or in our own country. The problem is we don't have, again, nothing to do with it, but just play by the rules imposed to us. Analogy found.

We are just changeable figures in a board game. Problem is, there is no goal, the game is the whole point.


I guess I am stuck in this blogal warning era and area. Still thinking of power and love.
Power is actually achievable through many means: money, strength, fear, intelligence...Power is also measurable - it is also a physical entity and used in calculations. Power can be contained, it can be of many shapes and sizes and types. Power can be always overcome.
Love is not easily achievable. You can't measure it. You can't contain it and it is hard to overcome love. We know also different ways of loving, but they are mostly far from a usual grasp. It's a feel, which can be applied by one, two or a million persons. Love is also connected with freedom and pleasure, power not that much.
Loving is actually having power, feeling fulfilled and enjoying your being. Power, on the other hand, is not necessary loving/love.
Power is a tool, love is a state of mind and a way of thinking. Tools tend to break, disappear or get changed, while thoughts and feelings stay and are cherished.

blogal warning

Where did the whole global warming issue and media coverage disappear? I think it is not an issue anymore. Maybe they fixed it. I seem to see only riots in the countries of the Middle East and preparation for song contest.
I think the whole global warming changed into blogal warning.
The blog era has spread so quickly, man could not get prepared properly. Everyone has his/her own blog now. All almost everyone.
What happened?
The internet gave us this great opportunity to speak our minds wherever, whenever and however we want. However, is this good?


Love is un-desrcibable, some say it does not exist, some say it is the best thing that could happen to a person, mothers would admit that the love for a child is an amazing feeling...being in love is also pretty much exciting and fulfilling.
Love is close and yet so far in describing it. Love is also close and yet so far from control. It is a great question if love and control are connected or, saying better, if one affects the other. Maybe I should start posing some facts or arguments from authors, theorists, philosophers and thinkers about love, but blogs are not supposed to be so serious :)
Love and control are connected. Of course, they are. You certainly can love something you control or you can easily control something or someone you love. It is just a way of looking on things.
Or maybe I am just putting empty thoughts together without any meaning and not making noone think

my second blog

This blog thing is really catchy. It is like just asking you to put thoughts, ideas or just words together and then just click.
Maybe this the way love to write is expressed and memefest is controlling it. Or it is me that is controllong my love to write. Do I even love to write?
What I do know is that I love my girlfriend and my family and I will never try to control them. Control sometimes means 'to hurt' people. I do not want to hurt my family, my loved ones. So, control and love can not go well together.
But at the same time, when you feel love toward a thing or an action, it is connected with control.

I have to clear my mind about it.

leaving a world behind

Well, the whole memefest topic swirls around love and control. This is quite connected if you look from the right angles and find the correct examples to support those angles :)
I would just like to try a blog, since I have never wrote one. I actually do not know the aim of a blog: do you bother people? - I guess not, because you are writing and they must bother themselves, in order to read all the thoughts you put on the virtual sheet.
I just had this glimpse of a sort of love-like feeling. I wrote in the title 'leaving a world behind' and I mean it this way. I actually just finished a 4-5 months period abraod as a student, where I was on an exchange in Norway. I not just went to school, passed some exams and went to the library - no! I met new people, I experienced new and touching moments, I was on my own, I visited places I might never see in my life again or ever. And this is now behind me. I left it behind. Little that i know, I closed a chapter and it didn't feel nice at all. It is like I left a piece of me in Norway and among the people I was hanging out with.
All the time people start and end chapters in their own lives, sometimes not even knowing it. Maybe the latter is better, since knowing hurts. Love hurts, in its own terrible and soft way. I left a world, I entered another world, I am writing a new chapter of my life, with a new amount and way of love. I am in control again, but the past keeps telling me that shall stay with me, not to forget the beautiful moments I had.
Love, any kind of love, must be cherished and nurtured, but in a controlled way, because it can immediately get out of control and you get stuck inside of your own mourning.





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