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Contacts : the little mean sexy book that gives you what Facebook friends never can

First I thought it was Luther Blisset, than I was sure it was Banksy, ...but it wasn't him. Who was it? Like Justin Bieber It is mean, little and sexy- the new book 'Contacts'.

In the words of the secret author: "85 times 45 millimeters of power. Business cards are status objects that serve the identification with a particular corporation and that frequently portray hierarchies too. A long time ago, they served the purpose of visitors’ cards. One gave them to the footman who in turn
passed them on to the lord of the manor. In Japan they are presented
with a dignified bow until today.

The more business cards, the more contacts – and good connections.
“Connections only hurt those who don’t have them,” is an old
saying. During the Middle Ages, there were orders, later guilds and
student associations. Today you have trade unions, professional organizations,
social networking services like Xing, Facebook or LinkedIn.
The right connections are career accelerators and door openers. And
those doors often remain closed without those connections – especially
in the cultural, arts and media sectors.

With this book we aim to help our reader to establish and cultivate
those connections. These business cards were compiled during
about ten years of excessive networking and they present a selection
of the most important multipliers. Knowledge is power and the
knowledge pertaining to those connections is thus closely guarded. I
am, however, utterly convinced that free access to such information
can be of advantage for everyone.

This book is an art project, a political statement, a crank call template
– the perfect gift. It depends on your perspective and the way you
intend to use it. Remember to nurture your connections, don’t become
spammers! The most important rules are: don’t compose any
mass mailings, address every person individually and don’t misspell
their name. You are missing the appropriate contact person? Email
address are always created in the same pattern – if you know one
address, you know them all.

Some of the contacts are quite possibly not up to date any longer,
others will surely be out of date soon. So, it is up to you to help update
the next editions! Scan your best business cards and send them
to: In return and as a thank
you, you will get the next edition for free."

Get your copy of the book here:


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Oliver Vodeb






I am a member of Memefest communication/art/theory Kolektiv, and founder, curator and editor of Memefest Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art. Iam also facilitator of Memefest online social network.

I am an Academic at RMIT University, Melbourne. I teach and research mostly in the field of communication design. I approach design/communication from a critical inter/ extradisciplinary perspective and I investigate theoretical, strategic, conceptual and "hands on" practice.

I enjoy working in many different media including visual and text.

Books I have published :

This was my studio in Slovenia (2004-2012):

CV (sort of):

You can read some of my texts here:

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

I have been here from the very beginning of Memefest. I am interested in communication/design for social and environmental change.
I name such communication socially responsive communication.

Broadly speaking I am interested in visual communication, photography, sociological aspects of communication, design and media.

Iam interested in institutionalised forms of communication like for example communication done by design/communication studios and advertising agencies as well as non institutionalised forms of communication like tactical media or broader aspects of media activism.

In a slightly more academic language:

I am interested in how critical social theory can illuminate the complex processes of production, distribution and reception of public (visual) communication in order to generate public communication as a responsible social, political, economic and cultural practice.

I am particularly interested in relations between concepts of response-ability and communication effectiveness, and the social construction of design and other forms of pubic communication as profession, practice and praxis within academia, the market environments and non-institutionalised communities.


was studiing at Faculty for social sciences University of Ljubljana


PhD in sociology of communication and design

Working place

RMIT University, School of Design, Master of Communication Design

Music I like

Flamming Lips, Pixies, The Black Crowes, Demeter, Porno for Pyros, Ry Cooder, Junior Kimbrough, Townes van Zandt, T-model Ford, The Dirty Three, Bonnie Prince Billy, Primus, Faith no More, Bob Dylan, RHCP, Alice Donut, Faith no more, Mark Lanegan, Reigning Sound, Total Control;

Books I like

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, A Confederacy of Dunces, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, PanikHerz...;

Films I like

The man who wasn't there, No country for old man, Genova, Zidane a 21st century portrait, There will be blood, Il Postino, Festen, Straight Story, Wild at heart, White Ribbon, Dog tooth;

Communication projects I like

I like stuff we did at Poper studio. I like posters from Inkahoots. I like the zine project 23/56 from Kevin. I like many things that were submitted to Memefest, I like stuff from Cactusnetwork, I like the work of Image-shift.

Websites I like,,,,,,,,,,,,

People I like

My dear family and my wonderful friends.