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International Press Agency @Oddstream festival or Creative Model “6xC”


On the 28th of May 2k11 we have started gathering at Vasim (, Nijmegen ( Next two days we were trained for group working. Jumping ropes, playing kind of human minesweeper, remembering our names, melting on the sun, wearing sunscreen, speaking english.

A day or two later, also the late ones joined us, and there we were = 29 of us, from 12 different countries, living in 14 different countries. Counting our Memefest mentors, we were 33, from 14 countries, I guess. What an environment, a? Never been there, never done that. Until now. :)

Days were turning with the speed of light. No surprise that on the day 4 we were already time disoriented. But let’s go back to the business, a?

We have created an International Press/Media/Communication/Journalism Agency in this short time, between 28th of May and 7th of June. And as we always hear of bad news, good news, daily news, late night news, evening news, morning news, neighbour’s news, etc., it was really about the time to start hearing about the odd news. So we named our Agency the “Odd News”. Welcome to our wold. We are the Oddstreamists and so might be you.


Being a professional in the field of market communication, having at least a bit of a heart and soul, sooner or later one bumps into internal conflict: making shit loads of money and shit loads of shitty content or creating a great content for shitty money. What’s your pick?

You can do both together, you would probably say. Yes, I could agree at the point that one has bills to pay, but than again... With attending an International Media Training at Oddstream festival, I’ve realized the main difference between those two worlds. It’s not about the money. It’s about two completely different concepts of creative process. It’s about two sides of the same coin: competition and cooperation.

As I’ve twitted it during the festival: “it's no competition here and we are not counting dead bodies, but creative, inspired, tired and happy Oddstreamists. #oddstream”. I’m still in this mood.

We were not competing, we were pure cooperation.


What we achieved in a week time, as an international team of people, who mostly didn’t know each other from before is simply AWESOME. :) Here’s the final score of our festival coverage:

- 4 daily mini-newspapers (topics: ignition, inspiration, participation, experiment // format A3 folded square indented, b&w, printed&photocopied)

- 18 videos of 3 different genres (promotion, reporting, free creation on subject // in total: 65 minutes, 49 seconds and 8 frames)

***2 more videos are still on the way, suffering from technical malfunctions during festival.

We have published and broadcasted our works on the spot of a festival, in the city of Nijmegen, on local TV station & web (oddstream web page (, twitter (@odd_stream, #oddstream, #oddnews), facebook (, vimeo (, youtube (, slideshare (, flickr ( and some on local web-news geldelander (

I bet, in the world of competition, this total achievement would be a 100% Mission: Impossible. In the world of pure cooperation this was just a start, I know it.

And a quick note: we have extremely increased the Facebook statistics during the festival. Achieved 63 589 post views, 156% more feedback since the beginning of the festival. Top 5 countries we were presented in are NL, DE, BE, UK, ES and top 5 NL cities were Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort, The Hague, Groningen. But then again, this is another story to write about ...

6 Cs

Consumerism is a disease. And I guess we have found a cure. Here’s a recipe:

1. you need a CREW (C1) (

Katja, Nuno, Jose-Louis, Karim, Janina, Giorgio, Marko, Gianluca, Sebas, Tamara, Agatha, Cirila, Melek, Lotte, Sandra, Julius, Christiane, Tanja, Raimondo, Wouter, Karmen, Tadeja, Francesco, Laura, Kaj, Rafa, Lucca, Ruuta, Rola.

The crew should apply this kind of action on voluntary basis.

2. take good care of life&training&working CONDITIONS (C2)

- set the sleeping area next to electricity plant (,Nijmegen,+Netherlands&cid=0,0,4854377646270556983&ei=L7_zTcbdFoTUsgbn_9TLBg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=2&ved=0CC8QnwIwAQ)
- arrange super camping villas, 4 people, prison beds
- ran out of food, here and then if not every day, at least a little bit
- ran out of drinking and showering water, almost every day, at least a little bit
- change security rules couple of times per day
- deliver everlasting number of cases of warm beer, refill if needed
- make it a freestyle law: caring a toothbrush in a personal bag
- arrange at least 2 offices for the CREW, one must be available all night, recommended in a sculptors studio in ex factory
- DON’T use in common internal communication platform (use max 3-4 mobile phones, a couple of motorolas for video crew, arrange dropbox, experiment with pirate pad, lick&stick posters, tweet to the crew on the field, create a production traffic poster)
- take extremely precised care of CREW having fun
- give freedom everywhere, all the time, to everybody
- provide as much internet as requested
- save money
- allow to smoke
- don’t forget about the coffee
- don’t set printer and scanner in the office

3. CURE (C3) CONSUMERISM (C4) with this keywords and key-statements:

stay in the process / breath / sleep / dance / keep your position / IGNITION / sing / smile / hug / help / focus on solution not on problem / INSPIRATION / ask / learn / organize / give / improve / represent the process / initiate / PARTICIPATION / trust / patience / massage / listen / play / stretch / take / EXPERIMENT / ... and ... / eat, if you have a chance to get a food!

4. Remember this very good, it’ll only be said once: COOPERATION (C5) not COMPETITION (C6).


I’ve learned so much ... In a highly competitive environment we are pushed into it every day, you are meant to survive as yourself. To cover your back, save your ass and run away when the fire gets to close. In a highly cooperative environment there is only one thing. One. When the fire starts, you hold the closest hand and suddenly is everybody jumping in the fire, pouring water all over it and later, at dinner time, you are happy to drink a couple of warm dutch beers together, dancing in the memories you have helped to create with your tribe. Bless!

The last, but not least: Youth is in a great Action. And country which doesn’t pay attention to its youth will soon (if not already) find itself in a big dark hole. Will be erased from the world map. Which might be a great forecast for the future of no national borders ... I will invest my time and tones of golden sticks into Youth in Action, I tell ya.

Thanks to Memefest mentors for all of your support, guys. Ines, Kevin, Paolo, Frederic. I’ve already bought a rope, having trainings 3 times per week ... We should develope an app for cyber trainings ... :)

And of course thnx to Pink Sweater’s ( Jacco, for your expedite import-export service.

Thank You All, Oddstreamists & Respect.


This blogpost doesn’t necessary reflect the opinions or views of the International Press Agnecy at Oddstream festival 2011, neither the Oddstreamists. It’s my personal view of a lifetime experince.

I recommend reading on social behaviour and organization: Tribe - Seth Godin (

P.P.P.S.: Read Mašta magazine, it's good for your health. ( And use Loesje for inspiration and participation (


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11 years, 3 months ago

Sincerely Madam, your report kills fascists.
Big ups!

11 years, 3 months ago

Thx, Flami_Ka. We rocks! :)

11 years, 3 months ago

hey, tadeja! thank YOU for all the energy and inspiration! life is better with energiser, but waaay more interesting also with such a strong and happy group around. it's hard to tell all that i've learned and all the knowledge we've exchanged there. thanks oddstream, big thanks to memefest. :D

11 years, 3 months ago

Very well said, Tadeja! It was amazing week and it left serious consequences - fortunately the nice ones, that give hope and inspire for further actions. Your post reminded me of everything we shared together.

So many ideas, so little time... but still so much inspiration for creativity and desire to change.

But this is only the beginning.

p.s. I realised that true appreciation for English with Russian accent doesn't really exist outside Oddstream :)

10 years, 5 months ago

Just stumbled on this again, so nice!





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