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Bablrr is a simple app for Android phones that uses text distorting technology similar to what you see used in Captcha security codes, to create short messages that users can share over email and social networking sites.


Project details

Author(s):Thiago Hersan & Ally Reeves




How does project benefit the client (if there is a client)?
When you post messages from Bablrr, browsers and social networking sites can't take your text and turn what you've written into fodder for advertising. Can also be used to communicate in countries or networks where text recognition software is used to monitor or censor messages. That's right... we're using the same kind of technology that they use to make sure we're not robots to foil their robots !

How does project benefit the people you are speaking to with your communication?
People that use the app, or receive messages sent by the app can start to think about the quality and quantity of information that they are sharing online through all the free services provided by big commercial enterprises.

How does project benefit the wider society?
Provides a way to communicate without feeding the advertising machines run by technology companies.

How did/does this project benefit author (authors/makers of the project)?
Besides providing an opportunity to learn more about Android programming, we also learned about the facebook data API.

Tell us something about your view on communication. What is your / your organisation's / initiative's (visual) communication philosophy?
Communication should be free and open between people. We should focus more of our energy on creating tools that connect people, instead of tools that are biased towards commercial purposes.

What about the process of creating this work? Please describe it.
This was a collaborative project between Thiago Hersan in Brazil, and Ally Reeves in India. Thiago did most of the coding, while Ally took care of designing the user interface and visual identity.

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