Serving Food Justice: An exhibition of radical food interventions

We are announcing our next exhibition together with the Memefest event happening in Baltimore this November.

Capitalism’s domination of our food system has far reaching consequences. The treatment of life as a machine for consumption, and corporate control of food resources, have devastating effects on the environment, our health, and our communities. In response, groups around the world are countering the machine and designing utopian alternatives and everyday interventions.

The exhibition Serving Food Justice brings together international and local works addressing these issues and providing practical alternatives. It has been created in association with Baltimore’s Food Apartheid, a three-week series of extradisciplinary workshops and interventions into the politics of food, centered at Goucher College and involving the international media and design network Memefest and Baltimore’s Black Yield Institute, an organization working toward developing community control of food resources. This exhibition shows specially curated works from Memefest’s book Food Democracy and local groups’ efforts to provide healthy, equitable food distribution, and to combat Food Apartheid – the racial structuring of the growing, distribution, and sale of food, leading to a lack of healthy food alternatives in Baltimore’s black neighborhoods. The exhibition is an open space in the making, a critical, experimental, and speculative platform, which will also exhibit work emerging from the workshops and interventions.

Serving Food Justice is curated by Daniel Marcus and Oliver Vodeb.
Memefest is the Sherman Fairchild Foundation Visiting Artist for Interdisciplinary Digital Arts in 2019-20 at Goucher College.
Baltimore’s Food Apartheid: Interventions in Media and Design with Memefest and Black Yield Institute is being held November 4 – 22, 2019 at Goucher College in Baltimore.

Image credits:
Kelsey Hutchinson: Corn Goes to War
Mentor: Oliver Vodeb



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