Be Memefest Comerad! Be part of Memefest community!
Be Memefest Comerad! Be part of Memefest community!
Be Memefest Comerad! Be part of Memefest community!

Memefest has so far connected people from more than sixty countries. Imagine we are a collective and worldwide network of critically engaged communication designers, media activists, artists, academics, professionals, students, educators, researchers and friends interested in communication /design and art for social and environmental change.

We are closely collaborating with people, networks, universities and research centres, social movements like Occupy or autonomous groups like the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, Grandmothers Against Removal, Cactus Network and design zine initiatives like Four Minutes to Midnight and distinguished publisher Intellect Books UK.

By joining the Memefest network you will be able to participate and contribute as much as you like. You will be able to become part of our unique – free of embedded surveillance and commercial advertising- online social network, publish on the Memefest web site, and receive news and updates. If you would like to collaborate in a more significant way and be involved in some of our core activities write to us- we are very open for collaboration.

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Personal Data

If you use your university email, we suggest you use an alternative email address for your Memefest profile. Otherwise you won't be able to receive messages once you finish uni and your email expires!

If you experience any problems during registration process, please don't hesitate to contact us on