Love: Conflict: Imagination

This is a special book. A lovingly designed publication in between a zine and a small book presents the best works from our 2010 Memefest festival. Love: Conflict: Imagination was the theme, the provocation framed around two Flaming Lips songs: the Yeah Yeah Yeah song and I Can Be a Frog. The contributions to this publication are particularly inspired, uplifting and colorful.

The initial idea was to design a zine but we ended up with a hybrid between a zine and a small book. The zine ethos certainly relates to the fact that this is a self-published publication but the production of it was ambitious and not really cheap. The book has undergone a meticulous editorial and curatorial process and was designed with the utmost care in full color inside and even underneath the book sleeve. The book has a hand-stenciled cover and the graphics come from several designers. The book opens with two short essays by Nikola Janović and Oliver Vodeb and presents visual communication and participatory artworks as well as key ideas from essays reflecting the festival provocation. This is a unique, cute and beautiful publication with exceptional ideas.

See the festival provocation below:


Love is power Power is conflict Love is conflict

What is the relationship between love and power? What is the relationship between power and conflict? What is the relationship between love and conflict?

Watch first the Flaming lips video: Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

and think about the following:
                                     what would you do with your power?

than listen to the Flaming lips song: I can be a frog  

and imagine this:
                how can you use love to share power?
    how can you use conflict to practice love?

now use all your knowledge, talent and imagination and
    create radical communication
that will use love to share power and use conflict to practice love.