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Flusser and the Outright Dis

The a-synchronicity of electronic mail to a complete stranger strips out all requirement of social obligation and, in turn, relies only on content to motivate the receiver in their response. In other words, when using text based communication -- with a person whom you have never met -- that person is not socially obligated to respond to you: they can easily delete your message, toss your letter i…



First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Slavoj Žizek investigates the surprising ethical implications of charitable giving.



Forms of resistance: pro-commons activism

Juan M. Prada is spanish critical thinker. He writes about digital aesthetics and new forms of resistance. The focal points of his research are: social networks, communication, aesthetics, biopolitics and forms of resistance.
He coordinates the platform . It is about social web and radicality of the P2P Paradigm.
Here is another JMP good txt about Econo…